Commitment to positive change

The University of Queensland (UQ) and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) share a vision for success to contribute to the world through research excellence. To create research impact and build a long-term, sustainable, and mutually beneficial partnership, UQ and IITD have partnered to establish the joint UQ–IITD Academy of Research.

Top 50 University

UQ is one of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions and is ranked in the top 50 global universities.

Institute of Eminence

IITD is one of the first six Indian institutions granted the status of Institute of Eminence by the Union Human Resource Development Ministry.

Our research strengths

Healthy Ageing theme

Healthy Ageing

UQ and IITD have a world-class record for excellence in the fields of health and behavioural sciences, biotechnology and biosciences. By combining our research and expertise in this area, we can work to improve how everyone lives, so that all people have the opportunity to live in a healthy environment.

Feeding the World

With the global population expected to reach eight billion by 2040, the pressure is on to feed everyone. This is particularly important for the tropics and subtropics, where more than half the world’s population lives. The need for innovation in the food, fibre and agribusiness sectors has never been greater.

Feeding the world

Resilient Environment

All around the globe, widespread flooding, devastating bushfires, rising sea levels, and increasing temperatures are growing threats to our world and way of life. Without a resilient environment, our world will be unable to withstand these threats.

Technology for Tomorrow

Technology is rapidly evolving, transforming the way we live. Throughout history, we have learnt to navigate new technologies as individuals and societies. By understanding our needs as humans and how technology can help us meet those needs and add value to our lives, we can continue to define its shape into the future.

Transforming Societies

Societies are constantly changing, both transformed from within and externally. As research institutions, we have a role to play in examining how societies are transformed, and what impact these transformations have on our lives. We can learn from the past to drive social change to create just, stable and viable societies so that all lives can be improved, including those that follow ours.

Our researchers

UQIDAR’s researchers work on cross-disciplinary challenges that are of interest to Australia, India and the global community.

UQIDAR researchers